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Helpful Tips for Online Payments:

Apple Devices

If using an Apple device, install Firefox as the web browser, and enable cookies.


Make sure you are on the correct website:
98 N. Patterson:
5325 Calle Real:

Email Address

Check to make sure you are using the email address you provided on your rental agreement.

Exact payment amount

The system will not accept any amount other than what is owed.

Call us for payment prior to due date

If you would like to pay your rent prior to your due date, please call our office to make your payment as the software will not allow you to prepay online.

Still Having Issues?

Call us at (805) 964-0924 so we can reset your account and provide a temporary password to login.
The temporary password is time sensitive, so complete it as soon as you can.

Wonderful staff, wonderful experience. Thank you so much, we are moving into our new house!
— The Sanborns, Santa Barbara