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There are Dishwashers, and then there are Dishwashers….


Eventually, we all need to shop for a new dishwasher. If yours has just broken, is ancient or your house is under construction we have discovered a new brand “Cove”.  Appliance maker Subzero entered the dishwasher market in 2019 to compete with the popular Miele brand. Currently, we have a Miele dishwasher, and love it.  […]

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Current Cabinet Door Finish Trends

Wood laminate doors mixed with all white accent uppers in matte finish

  Thinking of installing new cabinets or changing your cabinet doors to get a new look? Most likely it has been some time since you last bought cabinets. Door finish choices have drastically improved in looks and durability in recent years.  Remember when all cabinet doors were wood and the choices were solid paint, stain […]

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Is a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Worth the Money?

The short answer is, maybe. When our parent firm the Carey Group designs and builds homes, we take into consideration several criteria including aesthetic design, maintenance, resale value and reliability. Will the item provide a “wow” factor for the homeowner?  With Sub-Zero’s “panel ready and counter flush” design, the whole refrigerator can be made to […]

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